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"Just follow your nose"

Besuch bei Bell Flavors & Fragrances

Our Transjob class went to "Bell Flavors & Fragrances Duft and Aroma GmbH" on 28th September 2015 with Mrs. Utecht and Mr. Wernecke.

Bell Flavors is the leading supplier of flavours, fragrances, botanical extracts and ingredient specialties to the beverage and food industries. The American company was founded in 1912 by William Bell and 1967 the Heinz family took possession of Bell Flavors.

Michael Heinz who is the deputy general manager welcomed our group. The study trip began with an interesting presentation about Bell Flavors by Mr. Heinz, later it continued with some competition analysis presented by students from the 12th grade of our school.

Furthermore we did an exciting guided tour through the factory. Michael Heinz talked about the strategic Business Fields of Bell Flavors and their four keys to success. Besides he explained Bell Flavors has 1500 employees worldwide and 270 of them work here in Leipzig/Miltitz. The aims of all of those employees are products which taste and smell extraordinary good.

Now it was the turn of the 12th graders of our school. They were asked to develop a product concept of a snack or drink for teenagers aged from 12 to 18 years in their Transjob lessons. The first group developed a soft drink named Herbaltea with the slogan "Feel free — drink Herbaltea". We got to know a very nice product based on ecological values, popularity and refreshment. The second group developed breadsticks with the name “Snack It!”. The aspect that they chose an ecological way for their packing which is made of paper was Very interesting Moreover the design of Snack It! should be colourful to attract attention.

It was very interesting for us to listen to them because next year we are the ones who will work out such a presentation.

After these presentations the guided tour through the factory followed. It was divided into two parts, firstly about the production of aromas and the other tour about scientific research and development at Bell Flavors.

Bell Flavors uses over 1000 raw materials for the production of liquid aromas. Extracts, which are finished in production, are stored in the factory up to four weeks. Afterwards they will be sold or brought to another step of further development.

At the department of scientific research and development are different laboratories like the kitchen (employees cook and bake food), the chemistry lab (development of new essences), the department of smells (production of extracts of plants), analytics (control of raw materials), the laboratory of beverages (tests of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages) and the confectionary where employees cook and bake sweets and test them too. There we had the chance to test popcorn mixed with aroma of oranges. This attempt tasted very good and perhaps we will find this product in a few months in our supermarkets.

It was a very interesting day here at Bell Flavors. The employees and our guides where very friendly and answered all our questions. Some of us have not heard about Bell Flavors before — so we had the unique chance to get an insight into such a successful and important company near our school.

Author: Henriette Kurzke



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